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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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people feet away from the burning wreckage. ed: tribe unshackled. his first appearance tonight since the twitter storm him did his own party. maria: his new strategy emerging in hopes of taking down hillary clinton. ed: new controversy for a child rapist just released from prison. new steps neighbors are taking to keep kids safe. chance for wet weather. maria: evidence in 18th murder nowhere to be found. >> the families fight for answers. maria: breaking news off the top, an active investigation, right now in boston's south end. i'm maria stephanos. ed: i'm ed harding. police confirming a report of sexual assault. our shaun chaiyabhat is live at the scene.
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here at the scene. they have been here all evening. we have been watching for hours. as crime scene investigators went in and out of a first floor unit apartment here on clarendon in the south end. neighbors say police arrived at 6:00 this evening. but nobody saw anything out of the ordinary all day long. boston police are only saying detectives are investigating a report of a sexual assault in the area of columbus ave and clarendon street. neighbors say building is a rooming house. around for information. no details on the victim suspect or circumstances. again, police are still working this crime scene. report of a possible sexual assault here in the south end. ed: breaking new details tonight, about this fiery plane crash in connecticut. a student pilot was killed, but the flight instructor who was rushed to the hospital is expected to survive.
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looked like it was trying to land on the road. >> as soon as a hit the first telephone pole, it burst into flames. you does he hit the power lines and hit the pole. then it landed on the ground. ed: the plane missed hitting a packed office building by just a few feet. the road is expected to be closed for a few days for the investigation. no one on the ground was hurt. outraged and calling for change. richard gardner is accused of breaking the law just days after being released from prison. right now, police prepared to bring him back to court. and neighbors are calling for changes to keep kids safe. aned: our juli mcdonald is live in weymouth with new developments tonight. juli. juli: gardner was originally sentenced to 190 years in a rhode island prison, but after
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crimes the people who live here want eyes on him 24/7. the children need to come first. > we should be the priority not catering to the rights of a level three convicted abductor and rapist. strong words from weymouth >> neighbors, who are furious and afraid, after a level 3 sex offender had a run-in with police just days after his release from prison. right now his whereabouts is a juli: richard gardner was released from the massachusetts treatment center last week, after serving 30 years for kidnapping and raping several boys in the late 80's. according to the state's sex offender registry board, gardner is living in his family's home chandler street. >> i'm picking my neighbor's kids up at the bus stop because no one wants to let them walk around. juli: but saturday he was asked to leave a quincy homeless shelter and police were also
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using a computer there. he was issued a summons to court. >> we have little to no information as to who to notify when we feel like he might be violating or what his stipulations are. juli: the only condition of gardner's release is that he not have contact with the victims of his crimes. it's not good enough for me. >> those victims have been incarcerated since richard gardner did that to them. juli: amanda and coreen are hoping to get the governor's attention with an online petition for clearer and stricter laws for level 3 sex offenders following their release. it already has close to 4,000 supporters. maria: thank you. commitment 2016, donald trump back on the campaign stump after declaring the shackles have been taken off tonight, trump not only taking on hillary clinton, but the republican establishment as well. our mary saladna is here with the new developments.
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again today, and to the airwaves tonight, attacking his own party leadership. donald trump in the must-win a defiantdonald trump in the must-win state of florida, after declaring on twitter he is a free man. it is so nice that the shackles "it is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and i can now fight for america the way i want to." mary his latest tweet storm also : attacking republican leadership, vowing to win in novermber, but complaining it is hard to do when paul ryan and others give zero support. he will focus on congressional republicans, not trump, after his lewd comments about women came to light. >> if he calls now and wants, this happens all the time. the if you sneeze he calls up and announces, isn't that a terrible thing. mary a new national shows : clinton now leading trump by 9 points. today, al gore made a rare political appearance to deliver a cautionary tale. mr. gore your vote really really : really counts, a lot.
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mary gore standing with hillary : clinton in florida, the scene of his razor-thin 2000 election loss. they also talked climate change, all of it a message to millenials, about one in four young voters now leaning toward a third-party candidate. president obama recently laying it on the line president obama: if you don't vote, that'vo win, that's a vote for trump p. tonight, insiders say donald marytonight, insiders say donald trump now realizes he's unlikely : to convert undecided voters, so his new strategy is keep the clinton vote home; which means you can expect to see his attacks on hillary clinton get uglier in the final weeks. ed: right in the middle you see
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steady blue, clearview. i was waiting for them to change it. is that snow? a.j.: that was in the dakotas. let's talk about what we have going on outside. it is chilly and that is starting to thicken it will -- at the little bit. not a lot of precipitation. all that is sneaking off to the north but for us a protective blanket. not in time to keep us from cooling down. norwood down to 39, bedford it 44. 23 at fitchburg. another cool night but not as chilly as it was last night.
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we will take you through time as we steps are the overnight. mostly cloudy toward don but we will see more in the way of sunshine is we had through the day on wednesday. sunrise at 650 3 a.m. we will check in on the topics and let you know about the next chance for precipitation coming up in just a bit. maria right now, police are : looking for this car, in connection with a deadly hit and run in medford. the car hit a 41-year-old man near wellington circle back on september 25. there are several distinctive marks on the car, including a black scuff rk it's believed to be a grey honda civic, between the model years 2011 and 2015. there's a neon light around the back license plate. anyone with information should call state police. dozens of people honoring the life of a bicyclist killed last week. the vigil for 60-year-old bernard joe lavins was held tonight at the crash scene in porter square. a tractor trailer hit and killed joe last wednesday as he rode
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friends say he was a cautious rider. they dedicated a ghost bike in his honor. many at tonight's dedication were friends and coworkers who had just left his wake. >> his wife really wants us to make some type of change to this intersection so this is not repeated again. maria fellow bicyclists are now : calling for bike lanes and bike boxes at the intersection. ed: the man accused of killing five teenagers in a wrong-way crash in vermont, reportedly suffers from ptsd. court documents also show that steven burgoin had been to the emergency room 3 times on saturday hours before the crash. the hospital had called for a mental health specialist, but they never saw burgoin. he's accused of speeding the wrong way on i-89 near burlington, killing all 5 teenagers in another car. burgoin is originally from
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maria the elderly man who : crashed after driving the wrong way on the mass pike yesterday will be cited for negligent operation of a motor vehicle and wrong way operation. the 80-year-old from westwood was taken to st. elizabeth's hospital after the cadillac he was driving struck a median barrier near exit 17 in newton. he was not seriously injured. ed: police in manchester, new hampshire are investigating after a body was found in a park this afternoon. right now, they are trying to determine if the death is suspicious. so far, we only know the victim the body was discovered down the road from northwest elementary school, but police say there's no apparent connection to the school. maria: new at 11: a local family still searching for answers decades after the murder of a teenage girl. they say lost evidence is keeping the tragedy a cold case. our jorge quiroga reports on their new press for justice. jorge the 19-year-old was last : seen walking near the old bellingham police station. for decades later her family is still looking for answers. it's a wound that never heals.
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thank you bad her sister. >> a hate the word closure but it is the resolution. and it is knowing that potentially we could be getting a murderer off the streets. jorge: theresa correlate 19 years old when she was murdered in 1978. a cross marks the spot, along rt 495, where her naked body was in 1978.found, strangled after o franklin. >> she got into an argument with her boyfriend she was drunk. and left the train stop. jorge: a couple of guys gave theresa a ride to an apartment complex, where her sister says thersa was assaulted, but she managed the get away and hitchiked her way back to bellingham. prime suspect has since died, theresa's 6 surviving siblings, are now pressing to exhume her body for another autopsy. in a statement, the norfolk da's office says investigators, continue to take any and all
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potentially lead to solving this murder. not satisfied, the family is raising the money to do so on their own. >> this is our last ditch effort for us, for my family. this is our last chance. if we exhume her, nothing to be found, then i will say we did all we could. jorge one thing the family and : the da agree on, any publicity about this case even so many years later could joggle somebody's memory. >> next on newscenter 5. in: plowed over by an angry driver. the danger seen on a nevada street a.j.: i am tracking some scattered showers that will have an impact leader this week. area: the looming disaster after
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>> wednesday morning on the eyeopener keeping the house cleaner longer. >> hacks that help including one you can do before you leave every morning. >> and we're going to warm things up, having our next chance for showers on wednesday starting at 4: special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2
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for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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ed: caught on camera, a driver accused of plowing through a group of protesters in nevada during a demonstration. some activists believe the crash was racially motivated.
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at a columbus day protest in reno, nevada. a truck going right through a group of activists reportedly hitting at least five people. some demonstrators calling it racially motivated. >> there was derogatory remarks against native american people. ed: the protesters demonstrating against the observance of the columbus day holiday. as they marched on this street in reno, a white truck pulls up, you can hear the driver ho the vehicle appear to argue and then you can hear strong words exchanged. in this video, some activists appear to be threatening the driver. and then the truck accelerates, driving right through the crowd. this witness saying it appeared to be an intentional act. >> very much so. they arrived with an
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the driver. >> he has been located, contracted and we are doing further investigation as to what actually happened. ed: one woman had to be hospitalized, but will recover. the native american group involved in the rally is calling for police to file hate crime charges. maria the situation is getting : more dire in hurricane-ravaged haiti. the death toll is more than 900. and now dirty water is fueling a cholera epidemic. in the aftermath of the storm, a worcester woman has a very personal connection to the tragedy. she has now found out six of her jacinta rebecca chirac says it took days to reach someone who could give her news about her family. clicks we finally found one person who can go through the house and see how they are doing. when they get there, everyone was dead. two of them they found not close
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took them away and the other was in the house. maria chirac also lost 13 : relatives after the devastating earthquake in haiti six years ago. flooding from hurricane matthew, is posing a new danger in north carolina. dams are on the brink of collapse. thousands of people have been told to get to higher ground in case those dams so fail. first responders are working to stabilize them. many rivers are at their highest levels ever recorded. the death toll from hurric in: the storm lasted a long time. that is an awful lot of water. aj: we had 14 of 15 inches of rainfall which is as much rain as boston has seen since mid-march. we are in drought right now but that puts it in perspective. they saw all the rain and 36 hours time. he gets into the smaller streams and then into the larger streams and rivers and it will float to
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time since we have been able to see this. 1.31 inches above average so far. if you take into consideration all 2016, we are still 9.24 inches below average, we were over 10 inches below average. the storm that we had on sunday making a bit of a dented in that drought, thankfully. if you're heading out the door tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and low 40's. sunny and mild or by midday. lots of the swarming into the 60's. we will see increasing amounts of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. we are eyeballing some clouds moving in from the west. this is a weak disturbance that comes through. you see the weather -- rainfall off to the north. we get into some of the clouds overnight. the next weather maker arrives on thursday. it is this, not very impressive although there are some snows in
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some cold air behind the system. by the time he gets here a couple of showers, that is about it. i'm waiting on you folks to change that to a flashing blue because clouds are due and they're coming in pretty quick. they're not tremendously thick but they will be out there. 51 under a partly cloudy sky. dew point fairly low and a gentle wind out there as well. we are in the 40's in most spots although keene and orange have fallen back into the 30's. 51 in boston. 37 in the vineyard. lots of 30's and isolated protected valley locations. the winds are fairly light and we go with a partly cloudy sky. for tomorrow, clouds and sun go over to mostly sunny by the afternoon. 65 to 68 degrees inland. at that coast line, onshore winds will keep things cooler as high pressure moves out. we have some milder air that
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cold front arriving on thursday. planning on patchy fog on thursday, we have -- the cold front touches off some showers. their other clouds for tonight. then going over to some sunshine tomorrow afternoon. clouds reemerge in our skies for thursday or wednesday night into thursday. there will be some pockets of drizzle. watching the showers not to late in the day. in terms of rainfall we are talking about a 10th of an inch, not a drenching rain. hurricane nicole still heading off to the north, wins at 90. it is intensifying and will impact her muta. a bit milder for tomorrow and touching 70 on thursday. mostly cloudy, maybe a spot shower especially in the afternoon. back to sunny and cool weather for friday and the weekend is looking awesome with tons of
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ed: we are heading into the
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maria: there is a new public art installation sit up in boston and that is it right there. the floating orange people are called sos, the safety orange swimmers. it's set up in fort point channel and will be there into november. the art is designed to bring awareness to the global refugee crisis, the orange is the same color as life vests. ed: that is the thing about the baseball playoffs. when they are over they are over.
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>> now, here's mike lynch with sportscenter 5. : red sox manager next season. although farrell had no idea when he held his exit press conference this afternoon at fenway park's media room. as farrell got up to leave and head through the door down the stairs, dombrowski was on the way up for his press conference and gave him the word. he shared the news when he walked through the door moments later.
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walked out here and john farrell will be our manager for twice 17. he is all said and his will staff will be invited back. we anticipate they will be back short of something else happening. everyone is welcome back. they did a very fine job for us. i just talked to him when he walked out the store. mike: it is a good decision and it is the right decision. the day after fun at any level in any sport. high expectations of the team especially this guy right here. david price. he will be the first to admit he did not deliver when it counted most. >> i need to get it off my back. until i do, it is going to be a topic of conversation. i am fully aware of that. >> you got to go out there every
11:31 pm
fans. they expect out of you. it might be tough sometimes. as the year goes on you appreciate that from them. you try to do the best you can. mike: dodgers and nationals tied at five until chase utley unties it with a two-out single. watch the defensive play he makes. an extended series, a little he stole a base in 2004. the giants are leading the cubs 5-2. you know big papi's reach extended beyond fenway. he was respected by opponents and peers. >> he has always been a guy that
11:32 pm
over the last couple of years to the impact he has had, when he a couple of titles. >> there is no need to say too much about his performance. we know what he meant to the team in the city. everyone realized what he had accomplished and the footprint he left in boston will be a long way. mike: i can see him bringing out the first ball with the celtics. we have not seen the last of him. maria: a quick check of the weather. aj: not as bright as today but we will take it. plenty of sunshine and a few clouds around. maybe a shower later on thursday.
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we have no information on that plane crash. was it an accident? the eye-opener starts at 4:30 a.m. so don't miss the gang right here.
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's ?jimmy kimmel live!? tonight -- jennifer connelly. espn's stephen a. smith. and music from crx. and now, for the most part, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. hey, i have a -- i have a quick


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